Substitute teacher writing activities

Getting to Know You. They feed on it!

How to Plan for a Substitute Teacher

Try one of these quick popsicle-stick time-fillers from Journey of a Substitute Teacher. I created a FREE eBook that will walk you through the process of having your classroom sub-ready at all times.

Continue until the slips are gone. Check the papers and give the winning group a prize or privilege!! Be sure to focus heavily on transitions when writing the sub plans. Find the freebie here! Grade K-2 Worksheets Worksheet Library If you are a substitute teacher, chances are you bounce around from grade to grade, and sometimes even between different schools.

Erase one of the words and rewrite it - this time spell it wrong. I like to include games at least once during the day- especially with a sub, it helps with the wiggles.

1st Grade Substitute Plans | Sub Plans FIRST GRADE | NO PREP

They can draw the pictures on the whiteboard. How many of each digit, 0 thru 9, will you need to buy? Try these sponge activities! It helps them to focus.

Prepare bricks by using red construction paper. Check out suggestions for what to stock up on. Correct all the work the students do and leave it for the teacher to see. If there are aides, trust that they know the students and routines well. Let them help you. Ask students to rearrange the numerals to make the lowest possible number, the highest possible number, a number with the largest number in the tens place, and other, similar placements.

Add in additional information that will be helpful. Let them practice the trick for a while on their own. However, for the sake of creating a collection of emergency sub plans it is often much more manageable to use quality activities that the students are capable of doing without additional instruction.

If your class seems to be under control, leading a discussion is a great way to talk about a lesson. How about the best? Try this several times before giving it to a class!!

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Button downs, blouses, blazers… it helps sets the tone for students that you are in charge, and it shows the staff that you take your job seriously. In spelling, I love to have a game.

Imagine being sick and simply picking up the phone, calling for a substitute teacher, and enjoying a day of rest and relaxation to get well. Display a large US map.

Try to keep track of who finished what and leave that information for the teacher too.This article provides substitute teachers with numerous great ideas that they can use when they are left with no lesson plans.

If you’re looking for substitute teaching inspiration, look no further! Whether you’re a seasoned sub or a total newbie, we’ve got you covered with these 50 tips, tricks and ideas from our very own WeAreTeachers HELPLINE!

and around the Web. Teacher's Clubhouse offers elementary emergency substitute activities for kindergarten substitutes, first grade substitutes, second grade substitutes, third grade substitutes, fourth grade substitutes, and fifth grade substitutes.

Emergency Sub Activities are available in the following categories Kindergarten Sub Activities. Substitute Teaching Ideas. My Teacher is missing FREEBIE Could be used to kick off interactive writing, or used with a substitute teacher These lessons are intended to be used for writing activities during the month of August for grades They are not intended to be a full writing curriculum.

Title: Our Teacher is Missing Writing Idea Grade Level: This writing prompt printable is great to leave when a teacher will not be present in the class for the day. Great way to keep the students on task for the substitute teacher.

You need to be prepared for anything as a guest teacher and that means be prepared for no lessons or only a few lessons.

I bring the below activities with me and I also have developed units to bring along.

Small Activities for the Unexpecting Substitute Download
Substitute teacher writing activities
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